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Sweet Tropical Dreams Review by

Lots of reviews coming in for my new album, Sweet Tropical Dreams, available here.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

​"The [Sweet Tropical Dreams] album kicks off with “No Ka Oi” with it’s Tex-Mex sound reminiscent of iconic artists such as Selena, the melodic guitar riffs blends with Free’s particular, somewhat mellow vocals that fits so well with every song on this material; “Seaside Serenade” it’s everything but cheesy with its upbeat, kind of electronic sound ... “Wiki Wiki Wiki” has a heavy Hawaiian vibe with the island’s particular rhythm guitars and overall sound. ... there’s a very nice cover of The Tokens’ overly famous song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)” that feels like an original rendition rather than a note-by-note copy. ... I had this impression as if Suzan’ah was kind of doing what Elvis Presley did few decades back with his Blue Hawaii record, rather than making a tropical record he kind of blended rock, blues with the Aloha’s sound." - RJ Frometa,

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