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Sweet Tropical Dreams Review,

Suzan'ah Free

Another great review of Sweet Tropical Dreams!

"What's a nice warm tropical breeze, Jimmy Buffet, smooth feeling sand, a fresh fruity drink or freshly squeezed orange juice, a Hawaiian luau, a touch of Don Ho, along with a Latin jazzy beat combined create? Try the fun free spirited and brightly coloured music of singer-songwriter/musician Suzana'ah Free whose new album Sweet Tropical Dreams is everything her albums title says it is! ... Suzan'ah Free's latest album, Sweet Tropical Dreams, certainly carries these dreamy memories that represent relaxation along soft sandy beaches, palm trees swaying gently and the cool sounds of blue ocean waters lapping themselves against the warm beach sands. A magical and swift chariot of fun takes you where you are.. soaking up the delishness of each tune from Suzan'ah Free's newest album. A true treasure for islanders and land folk alike..." - Cyrus Rhodes,

Sweet Tropical Dreams is available here. See more reviews here.

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