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On the Wings of Your Dreams You Will Fly
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Help us reach our goal of 

$100,000 in donations to

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®

by downloading Suzan’ah Free’s lullaby

On the Wings of Your Dreams You Will Fly

On the Wings of Your Dreams You Will Fly

A close family member's daughter is battling leukemia. At the age of 11 she was first diagnosed. She is now at 13 and is still fighting for her life. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® has been there providing the best in care and support for her and her family. I am so touched that they have provided this when the family did not have the insurance to cover the long and expensive treatments she has endured. Therefore, I have embarked on this campaign to raise funds for this very worthy cause.


With the goal of raising a $100,000 Christmas gift for the children and families of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®, I have released a new lullaby, "On the Wings of Your Dreams You Will Fly".


All the proceeds from digital downloads of this new song will be gifted directly to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®. Download the song here or make a donation.


I recently lost my husband to cancer and that was very hard, but at 55, he had a good life, short but meaningful. When a child fights this battle, they haven't had a chance to finish school, follow their dreams, have their first love....


Let's all pull together to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® and give kids a chance at life!


Suzan'ah Free

Performance & Lyrics by

Suzan'ah Free

Production & Music Arrangement by 


magic lamp studios

Mastering by 


bq mastering

Graphic Design by 


Up to $100,000 of the combination of the proceeds of purchases of Suzan’ah Free’s lullaby "On the Wings of Your Dreams You Will Fly" digital mp3 download on within 11/01/16 through 12/25/16 and donations made through will be donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®. "On the Wings of Your Dreams You Will Fly" digital mp3 download 

only available through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® is a Registered Trademark of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®.

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