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Watch Trop Rock Music Videos of Suzan'ah Free & the KONA BEAT BAND performing Trop Rock & Blues, Latin Jazz, Island Pop & Top 40!

Ridem of the Islands Live

Suzan'ah Free performs her song

"Ridem of the Islands" live in Port Canaveral, Florida, opening for The Beach Boys.

Hawaiian Wedding Song

The beautiful "Hawaiian Wedding Song" sung by Suzan'ah Free in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Produced by Tony Smith. Pedal steel performed by Terry Crisp. Roxanne Mililani Celio dancing,

WMEL Radio Takeover

Suzan'ah Free live on air at WMEL Radio Takeover, Wed. Feb. 22, 2017.

Chica Chica Rumba

Suzan'ah Free perform her original song "Chica Chica Rumba" off her 2nd Trop Rock Album, Ridem of the Islands.

Down at the Luau

Suzan'ah Free performs her song "Down at the Luau" LIVE opening for Don McLean at the Cocoa Beach Seafood Festival, Friday Feb. 24, 2017 in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Lono & Laka

Suzan'ah Free Singer, Songwriter & Musician performs an original song "Lono & Laka", a song of healing after loosing a loved one from her album Sweet Tropical Dreams.

It's About Time

"IT"S ABOUT make a change..." written and performed by Suzan'ah Free from her Forever Yours CD. Produced by and featuring Tony Smith on background vocals.

Song for Osirus

Suzan'ah Free performs "Song for Osirus" off her 2nd CD Ridem of the Islands.

Heading 4

Heading 4

Suzan'ah Free  performing her newest song "Middle of the Night" August 2018.

Suzan'ah Free performs "Heroes Fight for Peace" 

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