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Trop Rock Music Reviews, News & Press about Suzan'ah Free.

Sweet Tropical Dreams Album Review

Mark Dean • • August 2016

"An enjoyable blend of island sounds from Reggae, Hawaiian and Calypso to a little Country and Surfer Rock, it’s a real tropical oasis flowing from the speakers. Suzan’ah lyrics hit all your senses evoking the sounds, tastes, smells and stunning views of Hawaii mixed with feelings of love.  The overriding theme throughout the albums tracks is a good time feeling of fun. As well as singing and performing in a variety of musical styles Suzanah’s talents also extend to playing a variety of instruments on the album. She is certainly no one trick pony!"

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Sweet Tropical Dreams Album Review

Cyrus Rhodes • • August 2016

"What's a nice warm tropical breeze, Jimmy Buffet, smooth feeling sand, a fresh fruity drink or freshly squeezed orange juice, a Hawaiian luau, a touch of Don Ho, along with a Latin jazzy beat combined create? Try the fun free spirited and brightly coloured music of singer-songwriter/musician Suzana'ah Free whose new album Sweet Tropical Dreams is everything her albums title says it is! ... Suzan'ah Free's latest album, Sweet Tropical Dreams, certainly carries these dreamy memories that represent relaxation along soft sandy beaches, palm trees swaying gently and the cool sounds of blue ocean waters lapping themselves against the warm beach sands. A magical and swift chariot of fun takes you where you are.. soaking up the delishness of each tune from Suzan'ah Free's newest album. A true treasure for islanders and land folk alike..."

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Sweet Tropical Dreams Album Review

Breanna Davis • • August 2016

"The [Sweet Tropical Dreams] album ... has a very tropical, beachy vibe to it and I can imagine her performing barefoot in the sand with ukulele in hand. It is a very pop driven album with Island influence. She incorporates Hawaiian into her album with songs like No Ka Oi and Who Was The Lolo Who Stole My Pakalolo. The lyrics are very uplifting and calming on many of the songs. Her cover of The Lion Sleeps Tonight was very fun and a great addition to the album. Of all of the songs I enjoyed Love of My Life the most. It is a beautiful song."

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Sweet Tropical Dreams Album Review

RJ Frometa • • August 2016

"The [Sweet Tropical Dreams] album kicks off with “No Ka Oi” with it’s Tex-Mex sound reminiscent of iconic artists such as Selena, the melodic guitar riffs blends with Free’s particular, somewhat mellow vocals that fits so well with every song on this material; “Seaside Serenade” it’s everything but cheesy with its upbeat, kind of electronic sound ... “Wiki Wiki Wiki” has a heavy Hawaiian vibe with the island’s particular rhythm guitars and overall sound. ... there’s a very nice cover of The Tokens’ overly famous song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)” that feels like an original rendition rather than a note-by-note copy. ... I had this impression as if Suzan’ah was kind of doing what Elvis Presley did few decades back with his Blue Hawaii record, rather than making a tropical record he kind of blended rock, blues with the Aloha’s sound."

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Help Local Singer & Songwriter Suzan'ah Free Rally Our Community Together to Raise $100,000 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®. Let's Show That Our Community Cares! •  November 8, 2016

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® raises funds for 170 children’s hospitals all across North America, which then, uses the money where it is needed most. Every donation stays in the community where it is given. This ensures that every dollar helps local kids.

With the goal of raising a $100,000 Christmas gift for the children and families of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®, popular Brevard County singer and songwriter Suzan'ah Free has announced the release of a new lullaby, "On the Wings of Your Dreams You Will Fly". Net proceeds from digital downloads of her new song will be gifted directly to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®.

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"Space Coast" song promotes space, surfing...

Wayne T. Price •  September 14, 2016


Free wrote the song “Space Coast” in 2012 as a tribute to an area she couldn’t wait to get home to after leaving the area for a weekend performance. There just wasn't any other area in Florida that had the same appeal as Brevard for Free.

...Her song picks up the major themes the local chambers of commerce also frequently boast about – the beaches, space launches, dolphins, and, of course, fishing.

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Musician to host album release party

Amanda Hatfield Anderson •  September 2, 2016

Ms. Free's admiration for Brevard County can be heard on "Sweet Tropical Dreams" in a track called "Space Coast."


The songstress said she thought "Space Coast" would be a terrific way to introduce Brevard County to those who might not know what the area has to offer.

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Merritt Island, Florida Singer-Songwriter Suzan’ah Free Debuts Third National Album

Space Coast Daily •  August 2016

Popular Merritt Island singer-songwriter Suzan’ah Free is releasing her third album, “Sweet Tropical Dreams,” on September 4th. Free’s sound is considered “Tropical Rock” and stems from her upbringing in Oahu, Hawai’i. Free is an accomplished keyboardist and has been playing ukuleles since she was a child.

Free has opened for national acts including the Beach Boys, KC & The Sunshine Band, Charlie Daniels, Mark Chestnut, UB40, Ziggy Marley, David Howe and others. Free’s music is featured on numerous Adult Contemporary radio and web-based stations nationwide.

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Brevard Music Icon Suzan’ah Free To Open For Beach Boys

Brevard Live •  January 7, 2015

Free has been an entertainer all her life, performed at many festivals, and has just released her second CD, Ridem of the Islands, produced by Nashville’s Tony Smith who is best known for producing and arranging music for Lee Greenwood, Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, to name a few.

So if you want to see The Beach Boys live in concert, come a little earlier, around 6:30 p.m., to see Miss Suzan’ah Free perform a unique tropical show with exotic Island dancers and take you on an Island Party.

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